React Web & Native

The front-end was initially built with React, intending to be a progressive web application (PWA) that users could download onto their phones. Most people in Uganda don't have laptops. Due to unforeseen issues (Opera Mini, regional default browser disables JavaScript by default), I additionally built a skeleton React Native application that covered the freelancer experience and could be extended.

Direct Payouts in Ugandan Currency

Integrating with a payment aggregator, the platform has the ability to take deposits from the employers, hold in escrow until project completion, and pay out the freelancer in Ugandan shillings. Support for Kenyan & Tanzanian currency also included.

Serverless & Monolith Node.js

Our API's consisted of a healthy combination with a monolith handling database operations, and a series of serverless APIs for handling notifications, messaging and more. Our data stores consisted of Postgres for handling our users, jobs, applications and transactions with DynamoDB storing our messages & notifications.