Social Work Case Management Software

The two and a half month contract entailed building out a React web application, along with a set of Serverless Node.js API's for accessing MongoDB and a number of peripheral services.

Masked SMS with Twilio

In order to adjust our experience to our target demographic, we implemented masked two-way SMS messaging between caregivers and the social workers. In addition to a messaging system built into the web application, users were able to directly message each other by SMS, by texting a provided ReverCare phone number. I implemented Twilio webhooks, reading from a DynamoDB table of To/From phone number pairings.

Email Scheduling with AWS Step Functions

To make sure our users remembered their appointments, I was given the requirement to queue out emails to be sent out reminding clients of upcoming appointments within 48, 24 & 6 hours. To solve this, I implemented an AWS Step Function which would accept a timestamp, recipient list and message body to an email to be sent out through Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) at the apportioned time (once converted to UTC)

Training Technical Interns

The founders hired an intern during the second month of development, and I was able to train a 'rising sophomore' who had no experience with React, Node & AWS to contribute across the entire stack. She contributed a pull-request on her first day. After my contract ended, she was able to work self-sufficiently until her internship ended in August. I take great pride in my ability to train and mentor developers.