React Native Development + Redux Sagas

A part of the work involved contributing to a React Native application to be handling mobile payments. State management was handled through Redux + Sagas for future re-usability with a web portal.

Node API working with Stellar Cryptocurrency

Put together a proof-of-concept API for onboarding users to create a Stellar wallet, and send identity credentials through a custom-issued asset.

Identity Credentials with HyperLedger Indy

Undertook research and proof of concept implementation for the Hyperledger Indy API, to handle the secure creation and transmission of identity credentials.

Technology Mentorship

While in Trinidad, I met with the University of West Indies Computer Science Society and ran a workshop running through building and deploying a full-stack application using a real-world use case from a local entrepreneur. I learned a lot in my time in TT - that professional culture in IT/tech has a lot of variety internationally, and that the pace of business can vary substantially from what I'm used to here. There is great opportunity there, and hopefully I will be able to give more to the great people on the island.