The 80/20 Rule in Action

After running a Meetup training to teach people Full-Stack JavaScript development for almost a year, I reached a point where I had to develop a product to help people get started on the right foot. To give people the tools they needed to succeed, I had to combine the digital with the physical - the Pareto Full-Stack Starter Kit was born.

Full-Stack Development in 8 Pages

Learning to program is similar to learning any other trade - it's crucial for novices to learn about the tools and techniques at their disposal. To give them a quick reference point, I compressed the essentials of React & JavaScript into 8 pages to simplify the amount of information students had to absorb to become productive.

Workflow Stickers

Working with people from all age groups and backgrounds, I quickly learned that some people memorize workflows faster than others. To increase the rate of learning, I created a set of stickers to be placed on the right and left side of the track pads to help learners improve their muscle memory.

Continous Improvement

My philosophy is to continually improve my products and processes. I wrote a technical manual that is included with the kit, which includes valuable context for the tools our students will use & how they fit within the process of developing software. Starting as a simple pdf printout, it is now bound as a booklet - an example of how I approach product development, delivering a functional product while continuing to refine it's value. Starting as a simple manual, it now includes a technical glossay as well as interactive goal-setting and scheduling activities to help students understand their objects and the time they will need to carve out to meet them.