Gamifying the learning process

My goal when designing the product was to make the process of learning fun & addictive. To keep our students pyschologically engaged and motivated, we turned the process of setting up your online presence and making your first portfolio product into a game where you earn experience. Earn 100EXP for making your GitHub profile, 150EXP for going to your first Meetup, 250EXP for building the authentication (login/registration) and more!

Meetup Organizer

I've hosted more than 30 in-person Meetups in the Seattle area, training people in React, Node & AWS while having them contribute piecemeal to our open-source React Native application. A critical part of the learning process is structure & accountability - hosting events on a consistent basis gives people the community and support they need to succeed as self-taught developers.

Remote Sprint Planning

To speed up the pace of our development, I have organized remote sprint planning, standup and retrospectives for our open-source projects. This gives us an increase in velocity through accountability, and gives our Meetup members the opportunity to simulate what working in a professional development team is like.

Developing My Leadership Skills

Being a proactive person, I took this opportunity that I created for myself to continue to improve my leadership skills. The teacher learns twice as much as the student, and by involving myself in the community - I learned more about the struggles & challenges people face when trying to break into the tech industry from non-traditional backgrounds. If you would like to make it to one of our Meetups, you can see what's coming up below.